My sign?

So it was really nice talking to you.

Yeah we managed to avoid all the cliché topics and questions, like asking what each other’s astrological sign was.

I know, right? How did that even become a cliché? It seems so corny to ask somebody that. I mean, even if you give an answer, what happens then? Are Cancers compatible with Aquariuses or are they a better match with Libras? Does anyone even know these things? Like, where is the conversation supposed to go from there?

Exactly. Are people just going around asking about signs until they find a quote-unquote match? It’s funny to think just because I was born in mid-February and someone else was born in early July that it has something to do with our romantic compatibility.

Maybe it’s just something that can serve as a confirmation bias. Like if they really want to be with someone, they can feel as though it was ordained by the stars themselves.

Star crossed lovers? Like Romeo and Juliet? Ouch, maybe the stars aren’t so reliable a match maker…

Yeah, maybe not. Say, I know we were just deriding this type of question, but this little tangent got me curious: what is your zodiac sign?

I’m an Aquarius.

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