A New York Minute


So, man, how was your day in the city today? Did you hit all the spots you wanted to?

Not all. I tell you, Central Park is huge! Absolutely humongous! I spent most of my time there. I think I covered a lot of ground, but naturally, I didn’t see all of it.


I did get a lot of pictures though. I think I got something like four hundred. That or just under.

Holy shit, dude.  You were like a paparazzi or something

Yeah I was in full tourist mode. Taking pictures of every statue, street performer, horse and buggy, or any remote point of interest. An Alice in Wonderland statue, there was this little chess house with tables set up outside. I took pictures of the carousel. Hell there’s even a mini amusement park within the confines of that place.

I know, man. Central park is truly massive. Did you end up going to the natural history museum?

Oh yeah! I got there about an hour and a half before closing so I had to nearly run through it to try and get into every hall. I think I hit them all but two.

Were you able to use Angie’s card?

Yeah no trouble at all. I mean I was a scruffy guy in shorts and a t-shirt presenting them with a corporate discount card, so maybe they looked at me funny, but they didn’t question me or anything; I got in no problem.

Nice. Hey before you go any further, I want you to hail a cab and come meet me at 3rd and 20th; there’s a pub near that intersection. A bunch of my co-workers are meeting up there; I want to introduce you.

Oh yeah? Any lovely ladies amongst them?

Yeah, man, there’ll be ladies there. Plus, when you get here, you can tell me (and them) more about your adventures today.

Right on! Count me in. I’ll hop in a cab; I figure to be there in about twenty minutes or so.

Sounds good, man. Call me when you’re getting close, I’ll come out to the curb and meet you.

C’est bon. Hey before we hang up, I learned an interesting tidbit in the museum today: Do you know what old extinct bird pigeons are descended from?

No, man, which bird?

The Dodo

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