Candy And Strangers (and Julie)

Julie, aren’t you ready yet?

Almost, I just need about five to ten minutes, then we’ll be out the door.

I could swear that you said the exact same thing just about ten minutes ago.

 Yeah well that’s the price of beauty; It takes a little time to get to look this good.

Uh huh. Personally I don’t think you need to try so hard.

Yeah that’s just ‘cause you’re a guy.

Oh alright, sure, way to dismiss me. It’s not because I’m trying to be complimentary or trying to see natural beauty; I said that because I’m a guy and guys don’t know any better.

Hahaha. Relax, I’m just giving you a hard time.

Well, I’m just saying, is all…

Isn’t it funny to consider that just over a week ago, we were strangers to each other? Yet here we are now, going out and returning in to what will be altogether a very intimate evening. But as we’re growing up, one of the things each of our parents constantly reiterate to us is how we shouldn’t have anything to do with strangers: we shouldn’t talk to them; shouldn’t take candy from strangers; never accept a ride from a stranger. Yet if we had listened to our parent’s advice we wouldn’t be in the position we are now.

Really makes you think doesn’t it?

I guess that’s what adolescence and young adulthood are about: selectively casting off the advice of our parents and thereby seeing what holds true and what doesn’t stick.

You get very philosophical when you’re supposed to be getting ready. Speaking of which, are you finally ready in there?

Tada! What do you think?

Stunning. But then, I usually think you look stunning, or something along similar lines.

Yeah, you’re an easy sell, aren’t you?

Mmhm, sure am, but is that necessarily a bad thing? Now come on, the reservation is in twenty minutes and its takes about fifteen minutes to get there.

Ok but before we go, I have a bag of skittles in my purse from earlier today; you want some? Taste the rainbow?

Nah I don’t think I should. After all, my mother always told me never to take candy from strangers.

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