We have a title!

Wow, man that was an incredible show.

 I know man, absolutely incredible

So tell me, how do you feel now at this exact moment?

Great. Fantastic. Very happy.

At what level of happiness are you?

Level of happiness? What do you mean?

You know: if you’re just a little happy, you’d likely be on the first level of Happiness. So going by what you said, very happy, then I’d assume you’d be somewhere on the seventh or eighth level. Something like that.

You’re full of it. You’re either happy or you’re not; either upset or you’re not. You can be an extreme variant on an emotion, like you could be very sad or very happy, but I don’t go for any more of these so called levels than that. Emotions are a state of being; like a totality, not subject to a gradient. You can’t be fifty percent happy and twenty five percent sad and so on.

I think you’re misunderstanding. I mean, yeah emotions are a state of being but I believe there’s all sorts of levels of happiness and tiers of joy.

Did you say tears of joy? Like so happy you’re crying?

No. Tiers. As in levels, man. And to further counter: Yes, all happiness is generally the same, but even the elation that you felt when you aced the test was not exactly the same as your first creative composition, your first concert or any good ones thereafter (like the one we just saw), your first kiss, your first climax, cultivating a long lasting relationship, positive validation from someone you look up to or even meeting a personal hero. All these are under the umbrella of happiness, yet subject to a kind of gradient or they can be placed in, as I termed it before, different tiers of joy.

I don’t know whether you’re brilliant or full of hot air

Hey, I can be all those things and more!




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