To draw a perfect circle

Is impossible they say

But yet many try

And draw hundreds everyday

A circle can make eyes

An apple or a wheel

A clock, the sun and moon in the sky

Or a bubble to say how they feel

A hole in the wall, the brim of a hat

The shape of the table where King Arthur sat

A circle is a letter and, often used, should

A mood choose a fool then it won’t go for good

It will go down to looser domains

Twelve circles of which causing various pains

Turning in a circle can bring us around

To a different perspective or something profound

But talking in circles is very inane

Like chopping wood, but against the grain

Watching water slowly circle the drain

In ever quicker spirals ‘til it vanishes away

How our rotating planet turns the night to day

A circle highlights important dates

And information we should see

A common form for plates

Or toys like a Frisbee

Without a compass or machine

A perfect one is hard to make

But a Circle is ever present

Through the many forms it takes

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